Damien at 2.5: A Snapshot

Damien turned 2.5 almost a month ago and I wanted to record for posterity where he’s at right now in his life. I can’t believe he’s half way to being 3 years old, and yet for sure I can say he is most definitely a 2-year-old. Since the last time I checked in almost 5 months ago, Damien has learned to assert his will and his independence… unless he doesn’t want to, of course. He’s just as much a 2 year old as Aiden was at this age.

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Damien loves to negate things, even when he readily retracts it, and is as much prone to yelling or going limp in refusal or dropping down when he wants to get his way. He has strong opinions, my little one! But at the same time, he’s still very cuddly and loving and outgoing and social. This contrariness, of extreme clinginess to extreme independence, is very common at this age. 

This last month saw a lot of these traits come out, particularly exacerbated by a week-long bout of illness and potty training. He’s completely potty trained now, but we’ve had issues with withholding that we are still working on. It’s a process. 

Where Damien is now:

  • Weighs 28lbs
  • 36” tall
  • Has only 1 of his back molars (3 to go!)
  • Favourite foods include quesadillas, bagels with cream cheese, strawberries, yogurt raisins, yogurt drinks, smoothies of all kinds, sushi, miso soup
  • Loves puzzles. Can independently complete puzzles he knows well, up to 40 pieces, and can sit with you to help do puzzles up to 100 pieces.
  • Loves board games, particularly Candyland and the Discovery Beach Game
  • Still loves to make music. Preferred instruments are drums and guitar. Is obsessed with The Wiggles. We have about a dozen of their albums
  • Starting to branch out in tv interests, including shows such as Curious George and Blues Clues in with his Wiggles time
  • Loves to read longer stories, particularly those by Robert Munsch and anything Curious George
  • Almost dropped his nap, but then got sick and that threw things off. Wakes around 5:30am and struggles to fall asleep at night. 
  • Is potty trained (ok, mostly), including for naps and night
  • Can count to 20 and sing the alphabet
  • Can recognize some letters
  • Can use scissors
  • Can be destructive or run away at the blink of an eye. That defiance thing is in full force!
  • Can speak with fluency and very few “baby” words left. Still uses “too-key” for “excuse me” and “this a for?” for “what’s this,” and “Gooes Boos” for “Blues Clues.” Says all names properly now too (I miss him saying Aidne and Gaggy!)

Damien at 26 Months

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 2 months since Damien had his 2nd birthday. The time has been flying by. Given how much nice weather we’ve been having, our days are long and packed full of exciting activities. Damien seems like such a different boy now – truly a boy now, not my little baby. It’s funny how verbalization and independence truly change the character of our children and alter the dynamics of our lives.

IMG 9354

We have achieved so much freedom in our family in the last couple of months. We go hiking, we spend hours at the park, we have conversations and we create bonds that are unbreakable. The bond I see growing between Aiden and Damien is the highlight of my life. Though they struggle with rough play and boundaries as much as any other sibling set, they truly love each other’s company and are finding common ground in their play (which is great, as their interests vary quite a lot). 

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  • Weighs 27.7 lbs
  • Wears size 8-9 shoes
  • Favourite foods: yam sushi, noodle soup, hummus, bagel with cream cheese, Burgoo macaroni and cheese, corn on the cob, fancy quesadillas, quinoa, spicy fried rice, pizza, tzatziki, souvlaki chicken, butter chicken, meatballs, 
  • Experienced his first bee sting. “Damien, we don’t touch bees!” didn’t work for months, but as he put it, “Be, vvvvvv (fly), squish! Ouch”, he learned they hurt. We got the stinger out quickly and he only said “Ouchie”, then was mostly ok.
  • Is extremely loving and social. Loves many kids and adults and is extremely willing to show that affection.
  • Is learning to be more careful at playgrounds, while still being adventurous
  • Loves to swim. Can now float and kick on his own in water wings
  • Could spend his whole day listening to / playing music. If he’s not playing along with his drum(s) or guitar, he will often cock his head to the side to pick up the beat / memorize the words
  • Has created his own percussion set at home, with 2 carefully placed drums and a stainless steel water bottle for the cymbals 
  • Loves to walk around with his bells. Is very particular about which bell he takes, though. He will ring them until he finds the “right” tone. 
  • Is currently obsessed with the Lumineers and The Wiggles
  • Can sing many songs without assistance, including Twinkle Twinkle, Head and Shoulders, the Alphabet, A is for Apple, Row Row Row your Boat, Itsy Bitsy Spider and more
  • Loves to dance. The more crazy, the better
  • Can name many songs and books by name
  • Can identify most colours and shapes, though not consistently
  • Other preferred toys include the play kitchen, mega blocks, and water guns. Has little to no interest in cars, trucks or train
  • Very quickly moved to using personal pronouns, particularly “I”. He never really referred to himself in the third person more than a handful of times.
  • Is speaking in full sentences sometimes and mostly is understood by others. Has a large vocabulary. 
  • My favourite words and phrases: I do it!, right?, Aidne watch!, buy cream (ice cream), two king (excuse me), where ___ gone?, hurt a self, glapes (grapes), minish (finish), uzzer sizes (other side), thanks welcome (thanks, you’re welcome), let’s find out!, this a for? (what’s this for?), cool, this one cool!, what doing?, miss ___ (whoever he misses)

Damien at 24 Months

Damien turned 2 years old on May 20th, and we have been having such a great time with him this Spring! He had a great birthday (lollipop-themed) and is generally in love with life. Such a crazy, fearless, happy boy! He is more than content to spend his time making you pretend food that is entirely invisible or comes in the form of a rock or leaf. Much prefers that to toys. Unless you’re talking about his bells, that’s a whole other story.

IMG 7341IMG 7106

  • Is 35” tall
  • Favourite foods: sushi, yams, watermelon, oatmeal, miso soup, chocolate cake, muffins, burgers, pickles, fried rice, grilled cheese sandwich, corn on the cob
  • Can say his own name, sort of. He says it more like “Damn-n”
  • Now calls Aiden by something other than “brother,” though it comes out more like “Aidne”
  • Can string together 3+ word sentences
  • Always giggles as I get him ready for nap or bedtime. Just looks at me and giggles in pure happiness that we have our time together. Amazing.
  • Got his first set of stitches. Boo
  • Favourite colours: yellow & pink
  • Can skip
  • Can ask “What” questions, such as “What is that?”
  • My favourite words and phrases: “Whoa, that!”, funny, strawbabries (strawberries), ahpapus (octopus), cool, mano soup (poblano soup), like it, namich (sandwich), Mommy watch!, bells are binging (ringing), wheels around
  • My least favourite phrase: “Ow, heard

Damien at 23 Months

Damien is just weeks shy of 2 years old now!! The last month was so amazing, he changed so much! Now that he’s talking more confidently, there’s really no stopping him. He’s putting together sentences of 2-3 words easily now and sings non-stop all day. He’s much more easy going overall (unless I’m in the kitchen) and is incredibly happy to be spending so much time outside enjoying the Spring weather.

Damien has turned into a very outgoing and imaginative person, happy to play with anyone he sees, to pass you invisible pretend meals or to dress up as a dolphin. Now that Damien has moved beyond parallel play to actually playing with Aiden, the relationship between the brothers is so wonderful to witness. Damien is obsessed with “Aidne”, as he calls him. 

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  • Weighs 26lbs 7oz (that’s just a little more than 1lb gained in 5 months)
  • Favourite foods: strawberries, oatmeal, quesadillas with black beans and yams, fried rice, pizza, yams, sushi, miso soup, burgers, watermelon
  • Can walk up and down stairs without assistance
  • Can jump – and LOVES to jump
  • Favourite toys are the kitchen set, board games, dress up, musical instruments, puzzles
  • Can sing the alphabet unassisted to “P”, and fill in other letters if prompted
  • Can count to 11 unassisted. Loves to count
  • Sings all the time. Favourite songs are twinkle twinkle, the Gymboree welcome song, the Gymboree “How do you do?” song, the Hungry Hungry song, Baby Beluga, the A is for Apple phonics song
  • Can improvise lyrics to known songs. Pretty much anything he’s thinking about gets integrated into a song. 
  • Can hum to songs
  • Can keep a beat and repeat rhythms 
  • Loves to play “Stop” and “Go”
  • Had many adventures, including a trip to Harrison Hot Springs and a weekend alone with Oma while Mommy & Daddy went to Sooke
  • Loved Easter, though is continually wondering why he can no longer find chocolate (aka “giggle giggle” to him) in our garden
  • Can speak quite clearly now, most of the time, and can combine into 2-3 word sentences. My favourite of his words are his baby words though, because I know they don’t last long!
  • My favourite of his phrases: Aidne (Aiden), “whoa that!”, thanks, thank you Mommy, memes (used for Almonds and Edamame), people (for peas), giggle giggle (chocolate), Gaggy (daddy), I Did It!, Damn’n (Damien)

Damien at 22 Months

Damien. 2 years old in just 2 more months. My little baby is disappearing more and more each month that passes. 

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  • Size 7 shoes
  • Has 16 teeth, though all the incisors are still not fully up
  • Loves to walk. We sold the stroller – yay!
  • Loves to run. Mostly this is great, but sometimes it involves him running away in situations that are hard (like when I’m solo with 2 kids). Science World was great with him alone, less great with 2 kids.
  • Loves to dress-up, play with musical instruments, listen to / make music, play with pretend food, play with board games (loves to look at all the pieces!), mimic sounds
  • Favourite foods: sushi, edamame, rice, quinoa, plain pasta, oatmeal (every. single. day.), yogurt, apples, bars, bagel with cream cheese, macaroni and cheese from Burgoo, muffins / cake, lollipops, chicken, eggs with cheese, homemade fish sticks, miso soup, curried quinoa and veggies, pancakes
  • Loves to hide things and ask “Where go?” – often hides a picture in a book by closing it then opening it again with excitement
  • Learned how to jump, is very proud of the achievement
  • Loves to walk around with his umbrella, even if it’s not open
  • Can fill in many of the blanks in the Phonics Alphabet Song (for letter, sound and word)
  • Is learning to recognize his bodily functions
  • Told Daddy “love you”
  • His obsessions have moved on from Elmo (aka Melmo) to also include Thomas (aka Momas) and the Wiggles (aka Giggles)
  • My favourite of his words / phrases: giggle giggle giggle (chocolate), thank (thank you), too! (me too!), where go?, ah-pa-puss (octopus)