Decals Are The Easiest Way to Redecorate

Not for the first time, I have turned to decals to redecorate for the boys. For 3 years, Aiden has had a cute train decal in his room (which was his first upgrade from his nursery style), but he’s grown up again (eek!) and it was time to reflect that in his room.

Though his room is still painted the baby-green colours, Aiden’s yet to notice that (yay!) and so I’ve simply made changes where we could. He has Star Wars sheets with a simple blue comforter cover, which will allow us to modify his room without fully investing in new bedding. Sheets are inexpensive to change! I upgraded his curtains from green stripes to plain blue. And I purchased new wall decals. 

IMG 9054IMG 9058IMG 9060

Given his room is already covered in Star Wars art, and Star Wars is more “acceptable” to us geeks than Pokemon for decor, I researched decals and again went back to etsy for my purchase. There were more decals than I could have ever imagined, but I opted for the X-Wing because it is so striking, and the black seemed simple. I carried it through with some very inexpensive decals I picked up on Amazon

It was so fun to surprise Aiden with his room makeover!!

A while ago, we surprised him with a new bed (from Costco). Though we had a convertible crib, we always thought we would move to a larger house soon, and that never happened. With the addition of more furniture to his room (side table, book case), a double bed would have eaten up too much floor space. In the end, we’re happy with the bed we purchased! We have so far kept the crib, in case we ever do want the full matching furniture set in a larger house (or wish to sell it). Costco has great bed selections – we love the storage on this one! – and even many trundle beds, another great option.

WIN 4 Tickets to the BC Home + Garden Show

The BC Home + Garden Show is returning to Vancouver this February with a great line-up of seminars, demos and more than 425 exhibitors. While it’s been a few years since we have attended ourselves (think pre-kids), renovations are high priority for us this year. We bought a cottage a few months ago with the knowledge that it would need some renovations this Summer. Though we kind-of know what needs to be done, I am looking for inspiration for the rooms, particularly in terms of decor and storage solutions, and in landscaping as well. On the homefront, we are also considering some small (and maybe large) renovations, so this is a great year for us to revisit the show for some inspiration and contacts. 

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If you too have renovations or design on the mind, this show could be for you! Better yet, I have a set of BC Home & Garden Show tickets to giveaway here on ActiveMama!


A family pack of 4 tickets to the BC Home + Garden Show, held Feb 18-22, 2015 at BC Place Stadium. 

How to Enter

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Halloween Mantle Decor

How have I skipped decorating the mantle for Halloween for all of these years? Even just a quick arrangement of items really went a long way. So fun!!

IMG 1291

Operation “Decorate for Aiden’s Halloween Birthday” is well under way!!

Do you decorate for different holidays indoors, or just outdoors?

The Boys Get New Decals

I recently made my first Etsy purchases for two fabric wall decals. After scouring local kids stores (all of them) and looking at many online options, I finally found the combination of whimsy and realism in the fabulous decals of Janette Design on Etsy. Her shop was amazing and it was honestly difficult to choose just one decal per child!

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After finding some cute airplane finials for Damien’s room, I decided on an airplane theme for his room. I never themed Aiden’s room and now find it too “baby”, so I wanted a theme Damien would grow into. The red plane seemed to “pop” the most, so I went with that one – I loved the personalized banner aspect as well. The plane takes up a large amount of room on his wall and really looks stunning – I only wish I had a coloured wall so you could see the clouds too!

The decision for Aiden’s room was harder. I knew it had to be a train theme, but I liked many of the options. I also couldn’t decide on size. Like in Damien’s room, I wanted a decal that was about the width of his bed. I liked the perspective of this one, but wanted a more old-fashioned train with a variety of cars. There were many trains in this particular shop, but any trains that were tall would have taken up most of his wall (since they have multiple cars). Anyway, I ended up choosing the red and blue train and it’s super cute. Since Aiden already has wooden letters for his name, I wasn’t worried about him feeling left out when it came to not having a personalized decal. 

The decals were relatively easy to install – they repositioned easily and can easily be moved in the future. The only challenges were the size of Damien’s decal and the need to make Aiden’s decal level. 

We Love Books

Aiden loves reading. He can (and has) spent hours in a row reading. Most other parents call us “lucky” for having a child who loves to read. Indeed, in many ways we are. But, until they’ve spent several hours every day reading books… well, we set limits. ;)

We have a set of shelves in our living room that organizes most of Aiden’s toys and has one shelf that can hold about 15 books. I rotate books into this shelf every few months, as these serve as Aiden’s primary reading when he’s downstairs. He would prefer to read (or watch tv) to playing with toys, so we often negotiate that he play before he reads, or he reads X number of books then has some playtime.

Aside from this unscheduled reading time, Aiden reads 1-2 books before his nap, spends about 30 mins reading after his nap (most days) and reads 4 books before bed. All of this reading is in his room where most of his books are.


As much for our own sanity as for Aiden’s benefit, we have a large collection of books. Most of our books have come from swap meets or library book sales, though many have been purchased or given new as well. We tend to be overwhelmed when we get new books, as Aiden wants to read them constantly, so I actually visit the library very infrequently. We’ll see if that changes in the future.

Aiden’s new bookshelf arrived just today – I’m SO happy with it. It definitely beats having some books up too high on his hutch, stuffed into his side table, or simply piled up on the floor. I’ve taken away a few dozen baby books, moving them to baby #2’s room, and now have a fairly organized system for his books. He has a dozen or so anthologies, which I’ve organized into his side table shelf, and the rest have a new home on the above shelving unit. Off-season books, or books he’s not ready for, are up on his hutch.

I <3 organization.