Aiden is a Big Brother at 31 Months

The blog has been kind of quiet for the last month (ok, months), but that doesn’t mean Aiden has stopped doing wonderful and exciting things. By far, his biggest adventure in the last month is becoming a big brother. The last few weeks of the pregnancy were anxious for Aiden, as for me (so empathetic), and the adjustment has been as rough as we expected it to be. The first few days were the hardest for Aiden – he would often refuse food and his temper tantrums included louder screaming, irrational requests, throwing and once even biting. Thankfully, he’s calming down. 

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Aiden has spent a lot of time with Daddy, Babby and Oma in the last month, giving me a chance to deal with the pregnancy (and now with Damien). He’s been on many adventures to the park, been spoiled with lots of ice cream (yay for pregnant mom cravings) and took trips to many fun places. 

Some of the changes in the last month:

  • Weighs 28.8 lbs (down a little)
  • Favourite foods include: quesadillas, burritos, grapes, oatmeal, pizza, sausages, radishes, popsicles, cereal bars, watermelon, edamame (especially dipped in soy sauce)
  • Talks about the future: one day, next week, on Friday, next year… Loves to plan things he wants to do. “One day, Aiden will ride a big big black train.”
  • Wants to know the planned activities for his entire day
  • Is downright obsessed with his trains. He picked a great time to be independent in play, though!
  • Wants to know the specifics of everything. What kind of car? What kind of cereal bar? Can be frustrating when he can’t be satisfied that there is no more granular description of an item. Sometimes a dump truck is just a dump truck
  • Uses his manners nearly perfectly, without prompting
  • Corrects himself is he says something incorrectly: “Sorry Mommy, it’s a ____, not a ____.” Once even said “never mind” when he forgot what he wanted to say.
  • Has very few words that are hard to decipher. Sometimes he refuses to say something “correctly”, like sheep being “baa baa’s” or Tim Horton’s being “Tar Porton’s,” but mostly the inaccuracies come from the “L” or “th” in words. Has a massively huge vocabulary.
  • Loves to use descriptive words of many sorts – things are very little, tiny, humungous, super duper fast, etc
  • Is obsessed with watching YouTube videos about miniature trains
  • Aiden likes to say: these are not on properly, Mommy tell it, I no like it, what’s Aiden have / having?, I need something special, I need a snack, you need to read a book?
  • I love to hear Aiden say: I’m doing hard work, tickle tickle, which one I like?, That’s my favourite, I have yawns in my mouth, it’s dewicious (delicious), that’s amaaaaazing, excuse me, I’m excited to do that

Happy 2.5 Years Aiden!


Aiden is 2.5 years old today! What a milestone! It’s been a really hard month for me, particularly the last 2 weeks, but it doesn’t stop me from being amazed at how much my little Aiden is changing all the time. He still shows an astounding ability to retain facts & memories; just last week, he told me about the meal he ate on our return trip from Hawaii. Just astonishing. It makes for some very interesting conversations, to be sure!

Not all changes are great – we’ve had some temper issues in the last month or so. Areas where Aiden used to be very co-operative, like brushing his teeth, are suddenly now a major issue. There is usually a lot of screaming involved when it’s time to get him dressed in the morning. He’s being defiant just for the sake of it, and we know it. He’s worse with Daddy, sadly. We do our best to curb the behaviour, but it’s easier at some times than at others. 

Some of the changes in the last month include:

  • Weighs 29.3 lbs (finally an increase!)
  • 88cm / 34.5in tall
  • Favourite foods include: Life cereal, oatmeal, grapes, carrots, apples, bananas, cereal bars, hot dogs, sausages, pizza, corn on the cob, seaweed
  • Is starting to actively engage in game-type play such as tag, hide & seek and ‘I Spy’
  • Loves to take photos (we gave him a digital camera about 1.5 months ago)
  • Continues to struggle with nighttime issues (some are behavioural, some are developmental such as night terrors and nightmares). Added new issues such as “I heard a noise” to his stalling tactic list. Was good for a while but a cold brought back all his issues.
  • Is loving the return of warmer weather. Enjoys time at the parks, playing with his friends in the alley or even going on photo walks
  • Is proficient at many iPad games. Quite astounding. That said, he’s developed some behaviour issues over wanting more device time or more tv time in general, so that’s no fun. Curious George is still his favourite show.
  • Aiden likes to say: I smell something, I hear something, Mommy tell it, no like it, that’s funny, what’s Aiden having? [related to food], I need to ____ [do something, have something]
  • I love to hear Aiden say: Let’s talk about “____”, that’s my favourite, we go there / do that all the time, please pick me up please Daddy, let’s go inside and check if [Oma or Babby] is there

Aiden is Getting ‘Bigger and Bigger’ at 29 Months


To borrow one of Aiden’s favourite phrases, he’s getting “bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger,” which is true in oh so many ways (except his weight). As Aiden puts it, he’s getting “like a man like Daddy,” but for now he’s not a man, he’s a “big boy.”

I haven’t posted much this past month – it’s been a busy one. I haven’t enjoyed being pregnant with what is apparently a big baby, and it’s made for a stressful month.

Here’s a snapshot of Aiden at 29 months:

  • Weight: 28lbs. Still.
  • Favourite foods: carrots, apples, corn, sausages, pizza, crackers, applesauce in squeeze containers, Oat bran cereal
  • Is very developed, emotionally. Able to express things such as “I’m getting tired” or “I’m upset”, though also has an active imagination, telling us he’s hurt, tired or sick to get attention, Advil or more tv time
  • Asked to stop wearing his sleep sack at night. Uses a toddler blanket, sometimes.
  • Can recognize the whole alphabet, mostly without mistakes. Is learning lower-case letters. Can sing the whole alphabet song (though only if nobody notices – he’s shy about singing)
  • Is very excited to meet his baby brother. Talks a lot about the baby and is very curious about how he’s growing. We’ve had to explain some details of how the baby is born, as he thought it would ‘break Mommy’s tummy’.
  • Has been throwing more tantrums. Age and household anxiety likely play a part (when Mommy has to say ‘no’ to many things, it makes it hard on him)
  • Was potty training excitedly for one week and making great progress. Started to develop major anxiety over any mention of the potty. Likely me getting hurt and sick in one week added to his general anxiety. Back in diapers.
  • Has a very active imagination. Loves to pretend to be dinosaurs, in particular. Knows many dinosaurs by type, with T-Rex being his favourite.
  • Aiden’s favourite phrases: No way, poor Aiden, roar, Mommy want to read a book?, where are we going?, wait a minute, I’m sick, want some?, steam on you! (with trains), I need it
  • My favourite Aiden phrases: I love you mommy, I’m taking a break, Where’s Mommy’s baby?, that’s funny, that’s strange

Potty Training, Day 3


It caught us a little by surprise… Aiden wanted to begin potty training. We’ve had a lot of wonderful playdates with Jessica & Zayden during Spring Break and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Aiden wanted to be just like Zayden… who just began potty training. He got very upset one morning when he didn’t have underwear and had to wear his diaper instead.

Our “plan” was to put Aiden in his big boy bed this month then potty train during the summer; turns out, we were missing several key parts to convert Aiden’s crib (he’s upset about this almost every day) and the potty training wish came early. I wasn’t sure Aiden was ready, but how can you ever really know? Given he knows when he’s doing something in his diaper and his new desire to try, we figured we’d give it a go. I knew he had “most” of the signs.

After some emergency shopping for some big boy underwear and some cloth training underwear, we were set to begin. Our first day was mostly accidents. Once Aiden had a success and realized candy was involved? Well, that was a great incentive. He seems willing to go pee at the drop of a hat.

Aiden still has accidents, even at home, but he’s making progress. He’s not confident of his own ability to hold his bladder yet, though he did stay dry during his nap today (even with his diaper) and overflowed his night diaper (likely a big pee let go at once). He doesn’t completely void his bladder when he’s sitting either, which means he can have an accident even right after a success. But his skills are slowly developing.

Since nobody in this family enjoys staying at home, we’ve ventured out early. That’s just the reality of how we live. He goes out in his cloth trainers and is learning to ask to go pee when it’s time. He tends to need to be told to pee after one hour – his max point before he has a little accident. At least for now.

Being naked at home has helped Aiden be able to use the potty whenever he needs to – and it’s very often. It’s a fixture in the living room, at least for now.

We’re all VERY tired. Aiden has unfortunately been going through a bad sleep cycle, making us all more grumpy than is ideal in this situation. There have been a lot of tantrums in this house in the last 3 days.

We have, however, survived 3 days of potty training. It hasn’t been fun, but we are making progress and Aiden seems excited about that. Hopefully his bladder control catches up – I don’t want to back-track on potty training now that we’ve started, so I’m hoping his body catches up with his emotional readiness.

Wish us luck – I hope I’m not still reporting lots of accidents a few weeks from now!

Aiden at 28 Months

It’s been a fast month, though it doesn’t really feel like it on a daily basis! Each day I wake up to realize that yes, I’m still pregnant, and ugh, is it over yet? And yet, time is flying by for Aiden. In fact, I realized when writing this how few photos we’ve taken of Aiden in the past couple of months with our SLR – I hope we can get back into the habit of taking nicer photos. Really, they make a world of difference in terms of capturing memories:

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Aiden has continued to love the things he loves – being at playgroups, reading books – while on other things he goes through bouts of being a very typical toddler (eating, wanting things his way). Facing some troubles with bedtimes and naps, we started waking up Aiden at 7:30ish instead of letting him sleep until 8:30 – this resolved most of our issues, though he’s often very grumpy come nap time. He has a new clock set to ‘morning’ at 7:15, since he was sometimes waking up too early on the new schedule.

Perhaps sensing my growing discomfort with the pregnancy, which is preventing me from playing with him a lot, Aiden has become a great deal more clingy and whiny, particularly at home. He’d watch movies or read books all day if he could! That said, he does seem to be looking forward to becoming a big brother – he talks about the baby all the time.

Here’s a snapshot of Aiden at 28 months:

  • Shoe size: 7 (he doesn’t like the snugness of the 6s anymore, even if these are huge)
  • Favourite foods: oranges, peanut butter on apples, corn, roasted chicken, granola bars, applesauce in the squeeze form, cereal (he mixes bran, Cheerios -aka wheels-, shreddies)
  • Loves to gather facts about anything. I find myself researching dinosaurs, types of trees, train parts.
  • Is sensitive about certain things. Smells are now becoming problematic for him.
  • Spent his first 2 nights away from us – was a complete little angel for both grandmas. Amazing how a grumpy toddler can turn angelic when a grandma walks in ;)
  • Can recognize the whole alphabet, but there are about 6 letters he ‘guesses’ incorrectly sometimes if he sees them. Starting to sing parts of the ABC song.
  • Has to know where we’re going when we leave the house, in detail. It took us a while to realize he wanted a visual idea of the route, not just the destination. He’s learning many names for the areas of North Vancouver as a result.
  • We are pretty sure he knows his right from his left, even if he hasn’t chosen a dominant hand 100% yet for writing, eating etc!
  • Participates actively in circle time again!! He will ask the teachers for songs, yell out suggestions and do the hand movements. Yay preschool for giving him confidence.
  • Aiden loves to say: No way, What are you doing?, Where are we going?, Not Christmas anymore, Aiden no yike it, Aiden smell somefing, want it, I did it!, that was fun
  • Phrases I love to hear: Aiden did it by own self!, Sidewards [for sideways], stegasaurus