Music and Movement with Gabriela

Last August, a family friend came to our house to offer a music and movement class to Aiden and some of his friends. Somehow, we temporarily misplaced those photos, only recently finding them again when I was completing Aiden’s age 1-2 album. I’m now finally able to review our fun afternoon!

20110824 DSC 3428

Gabriela Moutal, a lifelong dancer, has been teaching creative movement for 25 years. Her Movement Studio specializes in classes for kids age 2-9, focusing on teaching that encourages movement, rhythm and the exploration of music. The class used a variety of materials, from feathers to scarves, and incorporated song with movement. The toddlers were free to explore the materials in suggested ways or in their own ways. There was a tunnel that all the kids loved, as well as a toy bin that was fun to climb into. 

20110824 DSC 3455

If you’re looking for things to do with your child this summer in Richmond, check out Gabriela’s class options.

Fun at Modern Mama Brunch

This past weekend, I went with Nicola to the Modern Mama brunch held at the Brock House for Pregnancy Awareness Month. I didn’t attend any pregnancy events with my first pregnancy, so it was all new to me, in a way. It’s different being pregnant with people you know, that’s for sure!

Check out our complimentary portrait – I also won a newborn photoshoot with the same photographer.

Modernmama 5937

Modern Mama hosts events for to-be or new families on topics ranging from fashion to parenting. For example, they are just about to host an event on sleep featuring the same sleep consultant we used with Aiden.

Despite the fact that I’m not a new mama, and this is not my first pregnancy, I did manage to learn some new things from the set of speakers that were on hand for the brunch. I learned, for example, that belly support after birth does have a more-than-just-aesthetic purpose (thx FitnessDoula). Go figure!

Disclosure: I was invited to the Modern Mama event but was not asked to write a post. I also have a continued working relationship with the sleep consultant featured in their next event.

Aiden Knows His Friends

Aiden loves to play with his little friends, and as he gets older, it looks more like playing with rather than alongside his friends. He loves to talk about the people in his life – me, Ianiv, his grandmothers, his friends.

He knows the names of all of his closest friends, though he’s most hesitant with Elizabeth – sometimes he’ll say something that has 3 syllables, other times he makes a weird rowing-like sign that I’m assuming means Elizabeth in Aiden’s world. Zayden is also “Nee-na” right now, though it’s slowly morphing into a more accurate sound. Cole he can say perfectly.

Often when we’re in the car, Aiden asks about people, presumably to ask if we’re seeing them or just to know where they are. Anyway, that’s how our interactions go.

I think it’s wonderful for Aiden to have a set of close friends, even at this age. I can’t wait to see them all grow up together!