Vancouver International Children’s Festival

We went to our first Children’s Festival on Granville Island this year. In the past, I wasn’t sure I was up for a whole day at Granville Island with 1 or 2 kids, but now my kids are much “easier,” most of the time, and the day is not so tiring for me. We met up with one grandma (Babby) and aunt (Tia) on a Friday around 10am, choosing to use the festival site activities only, no shows, and we managed to stay there until nearly 4pm. 

We made music, we added string to the dinosaur sculpture, Aiden had his face painted at the most well-organized face painting tent ever and made crafts, we played for a long time in the amazing and well-staffed preschool tent, we played at the playground many times, we had lunch and too many sweets, and I even gave Damien a brief nap in the carrier. It was all-in-all a great day, and surprisingly more relaxing than I anticipated!

IMG 7657

IMG 7606

IMG 7664

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IMG 7680

IMG 7649

I highly recommend a visit next year, particularly on a weekday when it wasn’t as busy. We may even check out a show next year!

Granville Island Waterpark Review

One of the big draws of Granville Island in the summer is the Waterpark, the largest free water park in North America. Open sometime in May – early September, the waterpark includes a water slide, a large and varied spray park, as well as adjacent fun in the large sandbox and playground.

The waterpark was fantastic, with lots of opportunities for even the most water-shy child to explore. Water pooled near a drain, and Aiden loved that, and found a few of the spray areas not too forceful. He was desperate to try the slide, but I don’t think toddlers can go down, even with adults, until they are a little taller.

The playground itself is quite old, in need of an update, but still in fairly good condition. It’s not huge, but with all there is to do at Granville Island, it doesn’t need to be.

We will be back next year for sure!