Charlie & the Chocolate Factory a Perfect Chapter Book Introduction

We recently read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Aiden, after which we watched the classic Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

At age 4, Aiden has both the interest and the attention for longer stories, so we figured we might as well graduate from some of the long but boring stories we already had into a chapter-style book. This would allow us greater freedom in choosing more interesting stories, reading them over several nights. We still read other books, but this has been a great experience so far. 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a perfect book for the 4-year-old set, both easy to understand and exciting to read aloud. In fact, I think the book is better read aloud. It was hilariously funny, flowed really well, kept Aiden super engaged (and asking questions, which is rare for him!), and we just loved it. 

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We chose the classic movie as opposed to the remake since, well, it’s less creepy. I mean, it has its own level of creep, but it’s not so bad. There were moments that Aiden was nervous, anticipating the fate of each child, but he tends to be quite sensitive to tension in shows. Overall, I think he enjoyed the movie, though it’s not one that will be on repeat for him yet. 

If you are interested in keeping in the loop on some of the better books we’ve read, I’ve recently created a 4+ Shelf on my Goodreads account to review some of the books we read to Aiden. Considering he has well over 100 books on his shelves and we take a couple of dozen books from the library each week, I don’t anticipate I’ll be reviewing all we read, but rather just the gems or the complete busts or the books I thought would be good but weren’t. 

Aiden Loves Thomas and Friends

Aiden likes trains

Aiden is a huge fan of the Thomas and Friends franchise. He actually received his first set of Thomas trains when we were still in the hospital with him!

Since then, his collection of trains has grown to include 3 different sets as well as a few extra train pieces. If we had more room, we would for sure have a train table. Until then, Aiden makes do with various smaller configurations of trains on the floor – always featuring at least one hill. He loves hills and bridges.

Aiden’s favourite train is Percy, so we got him a motorized Percy for Christmas. It caused a little bit of initial frustration for Aiden, when he couldn’t push it on his own, so now he has a classic wooden one too.

Aiden’s love of Thomas and Friends includes many toys and books, including:

Aiden may love Thomas, but it’s not yet an obsession. He’ll read about any train; his current favourite train books include Busy Trains and The Little Engine That Could. Additionally, while you’d expect Aiden to watch a lot of Thomas videos, he actually prefers Dora the Explorer.