An Explosion of Words

Although Aiden’s 10 not-often-used-words put him slightly below average at his 15-month check-up last week, this last week his language skills have accelerated. Dramatically.

  • He put together his first ‘sentence’, using signs

    • point at toy under shelf – clap – ‘more’ sign ==> I want to play more with this toy, my translation
  • He started saying more words. Some I’ve heard a few times, others more than once:

    • shoe
    • yogurt
    • nana for our cat, Nala
    • ew (for the scratch & sniff stinkbug in his book)
    • ‘es’ for our cat, Guinness (it is usally accompanied by a lot of shrieking – he loves Guinness)
    • no
  • His confidence in his current words has grown (he’s typically shy with sounds when out of the house, even if not shy in personality) – he will say Daddy and baby even outside the home now
  • He is signing more, without prompting
  • He is quickly picking up more of the songs with movements, even the new ones we’ve been learning

It’s an exciting time!

Meanwhile, enjoy this video that Ianiv took of Aiden earlier this week when they had a boys’ day out at the Capilano Suspension Bridge:

Aiden’s First Job

Aiden has begun training to be a barista! The youngest ever! Our buddies at Moja Coffee, where we go nearly every day, have a great relationship with Aiden. They’ll play peek-a-boo with him, or show him the trucks outside, or just greet him with enthusiasm. They do this for pretty much every kid they know who comes regularly – it’s great.


Well, my little Aiden is getting spoiled there, that’s for sure. He’s begun his training to be a barista, learning how to pull shots and how to push the cup onto the spray cleaner. He’s also learning how to enter orders on the till.

Technically he’s not making a salary. But he did make a 25c tip!

Language Begins

Today we made a return trip to Maplewood Farm and, while there, had a visit with Casa the parrot. As we arrived at his cage, Casa said “hello” to us. And, as we left, he said “goodbye”. I remarked that his language development was far superior to that of Aiden!

Aiden has begun to explore his language more in the past two weeks. His babbling is more complex and we’re pretty sure he says “mama”, “meme” (for mommy) and has maybe said “baby” and “dada”. However, he doesn’t yet talk on cue nor talk often. He doesn’t yet imitate language, though he will imitate actions – banging on things, clapping (sometimes), and sticking out his tongue.

It’s a pretty exciting time!

Riding the Trains

Today we went to the miniature trains in Burnaby at Burnaby Central Railway in Confederation Park. The place was packed on this beautiful Saturday morning, but what a cute place! Apparently there were 4 or 5 trains running, keeping the wait time to a minimum. Parents and kids sit on the trains and go around a track for 10-15 minutes – there are even slightly different routes and directions the trains take, going over bridges and through tunnels!

Here’s a video of Aiden’s first train ride with daddy.