Damien’s First Word: Mama

At 3.5 months, Damien began using the “mama” sound, his first solid babble after general cooing and the “aahhh” sound. Sometime in the last month, he stopped using the “mama” sound as a repetitive babble and instead used it as a word. It became a single “mama” or “mum” instead, and is now almost exclusively used when he wants me for something – he uses other sounds for babbling. 

WebArieanna 2012 0138

You’re most likely to hear Damien call for Mama if he’s upset – if he’s hurt or super tired or generally mad about something (like being in the carseat for too long). 

While I know they say not to compare your kids, it’s kind of cool to watch Damien develop his language in such a different way. Although I swore I heard Aiden say words from time to time, he was very inconsistent in using them consistently. It was not until he had many words that he started to use them all the time. 

Also, I’m pretty pleased that Damien said the Mama sound before the Dada one ;)

So far, that’s his only “word”, though I think he may be calling our cat Nala by the phrase “Nana”, but I’m not as sure on that one. 

Aiden’s Baby Words at 26 Months

I’m trying to cherish the very last of the baby words that Aiden has left. Some of them are just too adorable not to enjoy. My favourite baby word is “heckacarpet” for “helicopter”, close behind “walkaroni” for “macaroni”, so I captured it on video before it disappeared completely:

I haven’t made any effort to correct how Aiden says helicopter. For the most part, he self-corrects on his pronunciation. In some cases, he chooses to stick to his baby words for unknown reasons: “baa baa” for sheep or “manana” for banana. I know for sure he can say both words correctly, and yet they remain baby words.

Did you have favourite baby words?

Learning Personal Pronouns

Ever since Aiden could say the names of those people around him, we tried to make a conscious effort to stop speaking in the third person. Instead of saying “Mommy’s chair,” we would say “This is my chair.” People don’t normally talk in the third person, and learning personal pronouns is a big achievement for toddlers.

Photo1Aiden walking to StrongStart with Elizabeth this morning

Although Aiden’s vocabulary is well into hundreds of words now, he is just starting to show an interest in personal pronouns. Most things are still “Aiden’s” or “Mommy’s”, but he will now use phrases that include “my” and “mine” and at least attempts to use the word “you”, but does so in place of when he should say “me.”

For example, Aiden will stay “Mommy, pick you up”. Technically he’s repeating what I would say back to him, “I’ll pick you up” or more often a negation of that.

Although Aiden is still muddled about the use of personal pronouns, he is quite intuitive about using the plural of a word or changing words into past tense or using -ing words. It’s quite neat to see how their little brains can just pick all this stuff up!


When Baby Words Disappear

I realized a couple of weeks ago that some of Aiden’s baby words are starting to disappear already. It’s kind of bittersweet. While some words continue to sound a little babyish (particularly those with the letter L), mostly he enunciates quite well. The words that have gone away have been some of his made-up words.

Best bud Zayden is no longer referred to as “Nee-na”, toast is no longer “dee-da,” and though I used to fret that Aiden would be four and saying it, “boo-wow” no longer exists. It may have been gone for weeks before I finally noticed.

This is just the latest in a string of baby words and motions that have slowly disappeared. The only baby sign Aiden uses now is with his ‘please’, for example, and he never participates in kids songs, though he must know at least a dozen of them with motions. I don’t know if he’s doing this because I want him to participate or just because he doesn’t feel like it.

It’s kind of sad watching my little baby growing up so quickly!

“Mommy Pick Up”

Three little words. So sweet in concept. So overwhelming in practice.

Aiden wants to be carried. All. The. Time. If he’s offered the stroller, he’ll usually take it, but the stroller isn’t always an option. For example, we have daily struggles walking to and from the garage. Most days I can coax him to walk it, but other days turn into huge tantrums.

Now, I’m not averse to carrying Aiden sometimes, and he knows it. If he’s tired and it’s close to a nap, I don’t even try to get him to walk. However, when I put my foot down and tell him he has to walk, I don’t back down. Ever. Sometimes he doesn’t either, and that results in me sort of carrying him limply under the arms since he’s really not going to budge otherwise and I refuse to carry him the way he wants.

Aiden likes to cuddle, and I think his desire for carrying comes from that. He appreciates the closeness. But with all my injuries, I just can’t handle carrying him all the time.

Aiden doesn’t throw many tantrums, but almost all of them are around wanting to be picked up. If I limit his times out of the house to his non-tired times, I can usually avoid an argument over walking, but sometimes he still tries to put his little foot down.

“Mommy pick up” is a phrase I hear dozens of times a day. Sometimes he says it quietly, testing me and not really caring what the answer is. Most of the time, it’s said in a complete whine: “Mommy, pick-ahhhhh up Ahhhhhhh”. OMG, it makes me want to pull my hair out. It’s become his phrase for attention even when he can’t be picked up, like when he’s strapped into his car seat.

Do your kids have phrases that drive you up the wall?