Bloedel Conservatory for Kids

After Aiden spent two nights away at his Babby’s house during Winter Break, we met mid-way at the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver. I hadn’t been to the Conservatory since Ianiv and I were dating, so we’re talking more than 10 years ago. Though it isn’t the best time of year to explore the surrounding gardens of Queen Elizabeth Park, the Conservatory is open all year and was still decorated with lights and poinsettias of all varieties for Christmas.

Bloedel Conservatory has more than 200 free-flying birds and 500 plants in its domed building. The building isn’t huge, but we spent about an hour or so there with our boys. Damien was less interested in looking at the birds and more interested in running the path… 10 times. I don’t have kids that stop to observe things in new environments, they have too much energy for that!

IMG 4393

Putting on my creative hat, we were able to slow the boys down for a little while by handing them our phones and encouraging them to take photos. Damien took many wonderful photos of his feet, and a few of flowers, while Aiden was able to take more time and care in his selections. Cameras (or phones) are a great option to get kids engaged when otherwise they would be distracted. 

IMG 4364

The best part of the visit? How happy my boys were to see each other after being apart for 2 days. 

IMG 4420

May Day at Fort Langley

We spent May Day, May 19th 2014, at the annual May Day Parade in Fort Langley. The day dawned kind of dreary and way too early (5:30), so we decided we had to get out. We checked all the local events listings and the weather report and decided to head to Fort Langley for their May Day Parade. We like parades, and we enjoyed Fort Langley, it seemed like a good idea? It was a GREAT idea. 

IMG 7224

Just 40 minutes from our house, it is a very easy drive to Fort Langley. Though it rained prior to the parade, we enjoyed a really unique and wonderful parade, followed by lunch at Wendel’s (highly recommended, our second visit there) and went off to the Fort Langley National Historic Site for a discounted visit and many special activities that were set up for the day. The kids had an even better time there for our second visit!

IMG 7240

IMG 7245

IMG 7255

We spent so long at this that we didn’t even get to check out the rest of the May Day festivities such as the rides or the retail vendors. There’s always next year, right?!