A View into the Circus with the Kaleidoscope Show


This past weekend, Aiden and I had a chance to sit down and watch the CircusWest Kaleidoscope show, a 4-day-only production featuring the teen performers from the Performance and Centre Stage programs of CirKids. 

The performance featured an hour and a half of circus acts, from aerial work to unicycles to tumbling and juggling, all set to music and a story of a boy taking a journey from one colourful land to another. 

I thought the production was very well done, featuring some amazing young talent. It was clear how hard they worked to learn so many different things. 

Although the performance audience seemed mostly made up of family or friends of the performers, I would encourage families to consider taking your kids next year. Just as we’ve found with live theatre productions by the Carousel Theatre, CircusWest gave us an opportunity to showcase youth learning and achieving amazing things. 

Although there are far more female performers than male, and their roles were definitely more varied, I was proud to show Aiden what can be accomplished by youth who work hard. Aiden loved the whole performance and was definitely surprised by some of the acts, as we kept up a whispered dialogue through the show!

I hope we can continue to take him to a variety of experiences like these – theatre, sport, music – in the future. Of course, the day will come soon when he starts to ask to pursue more of these activities himself too!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary ticket to attend the show. All opinions are my own.