Train Boy, v 2.0

It’s no secret that Aiden is obsessed with trains. It’s the one constant in his play – he always goes back to his trains. He has a huge collection of Thomas trains, a special order Mallard when he stopped thumb sucking, a variety of specialty trains (diesel and steam), and even a CN train. We keep our eye out for special train-related gifts, as do his grandmothers. He will occasionally go ‘off’ his trains for a period of time, but it’s never long. Even at age 4, he gets a great amount of joy out of pushing his trains around and around, coming up with sophisticated stories. 

Now that Damien is getting older, he’s taking more of an active role in the train play in our house. He is less likely to purposefully or accidentally pull tracks apart, and seems to enjoy pushing trains around the tracks. His favourite thing is to push trains down hills or through tunnels, to watch the motorized trains go on their own, or to derail the trains he’s playing with, followed by his “what happened?” sign. 

Here’s a video of Damien, our second train-obsessed boy! I’m so glad that Aiden is grooming his train playmate though, because there’s only so many times I can push a train around!

Damien’s First Drawing

Damien loves to make art. I don’t know if it’s an earlier exposure to the materials, since he sees Aiden doing crafts and prefers environments like StrongStart to the play gyms like Mickey McDougall that Aiden preferred, or just a greater interest. He loves to paint and to draw, though he’s still apt to want to put his hands in whatever medium he’s using (paint, ink, etc) and to attempt to put things in his mouth. 

Damien made me this card for my birthday earlier this month. My mom asked him to make me a birthday card, so he began by purposefully drawing very straight lines in pen, very slowly. He then blew on them, to indicate he had drawn birthday candles. His later colouring kind of obscured the candles, but it’s still amazing that he was able to conceive of and draw this at just over 18 months!

First art

As you can see in this video, Damien pays a lot of attention when he’s making art, either filling in a drawing or independently painting. He’s shown an ability to draw both straight lines and circles and spends more time painting, not just single lines on a page like Aiden did as a young child. In the painting shown in the video below, he was clearly trying to paint certain elements, like the star on the tree: