Aiden Sings – Finally!

I spend a lot of time singing with my boys. I thought for sure that Aiden would grow into singing, but he’s been slow to begin it. Just like with his song actions, he became very reticent about developing his singing skills. For a few months, we heard him singing a line or two in his crib before bed, but it was not a phase that lasted long. Since then, we have encouraged him to sing or at least fill in the words in songs, though I didn’t want to press the issue (since he was obviously shy about it). Still, I continued to sing. Oddly enough, he still likes it when I sing children’s songs even though he quite dislikes any children’s music I play on the stereo.  

Perhaps thanks to preschool, where all kids are encouraged to participate in circle time, Aiden has begun to open up with his singing. His hand motions came back last year when he began preschool and this year he has begun to sing!! Just recently I was able to coax him into singing twice in the bath (second time recorded below) and today he sang several songs with me in the car!

He’s not very confident of his singing yet – he says he doesn’t know the words – but I’m going to try to build up his confidence with practice. Damien loves to hear Aiden in the car so it will be a great time to do it.

Damien the Soccer Star

Damien loves to kick. For over a month now, he has purposefully dropped toys into his lap in order to kick them away. He made a game of it. We’ve built upon that by introducing him to ‘catch’. He will grab a ball that is tossed to him (sort of) and will kick it away again. He loves to play this game and has for several weeks now.

Do we have a future soccer star on our hands??

The Most Annoying Sound Ever

As part of language development, babies experiment with different sounds. Damien experimented with this sound for about a week about a month ago and has brought it back for a day here and there again. Those are hard days…

Yes, in this video, he is annoyed… but he also used the sound for when he was happy.

Damien Thinks Daddy is Hilarious

Damien thinks that Daddy is beyond hilarious. Though I can always get him to smile, and often he’s a Mommy’s boy, when it comes time to getting laughs, it’s Daddy all the way! Ianiv is able to sit him on his chest and get huge smiles and laughs. Putting on or taking off of clothes is worth a belly laugh. Tickles, funny sounds, or just a laugh from Daddy is enough.

Here are a few small giggles from today: