Eldon Water Park and Playground

As one of the 5 Spray Parks in North VancouverEldon Park is one of the least well known and often least busy. Nestled in the Edgemont area, not too far away from the Capilano Suspension Bridge, this park boasts a huge open grassy field, a small tame water park, a simple playground, as well as a washroom.

IMG 1052

Further off at the same park is a second playground, some ‘antique’ climbing sculpture / structures, as well as a tennis court.


IMG 1050

The water park is great for more hesitant kids, while the play structure is very toddler friendly. Though I wish they had a larger play structure closer to the water park as well, the kids always seem to find ways to play on the small structure without getting tired of the limited options. Yay for creativity!!

IMG 1064IMG 1059

Confederation Park Playground and Spray Park

Yesterday, I joined some friends to visit Confederation Park in Burnaby for some play in their new water park. Our family has made a few visits to this park after a trip to the mini trains at Burnaby Central Railway across the street.

IMG 9239

Confederation Park has been undergoing renovations for more than a year, with the water park opening earlier this summer and the playground opening very recently. In fact, Burnaby is having its Grand Opening celebration on Saturday July 19th (details here). 

IMG 9241

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Rocky Point Park Spray Park and Playground

We spent the day today in Port Moody at Rocky Point Park. This park has been on my personal bucket list for the past year, and was high up on my Summer Bucket List as well. Although my kids have been only so-so with water parks, I knew this water park could potentially make the difference for Aiden, since it is designed around a train theme. And we were not disappointed!

IMG 9209IMG 9173

We came to Rocky Point Park on Sunday to take advantage of the Summer Sunday Concerts going on right now. Though the music was not really our style, it was still great to have something more to our experience for the day. There is a huge grassy area around the stage, and between the ocean and the water park / playground area, so there is ample space to set up your picnic wherever you want.

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Myrtle Park Playground and Spray Park

After writing up my review of the Spray Parks in North Vancouver, I knew I had to revisit Myrtle Park to get a better feel for it (and some photos). The park features 3 main areas: the spray park, a toddler play structure and an older-child play structure. The spray park is currently the same as it was since I was a child in Deep Cove, but according to a sign on hand, is set to be revised (along with the toddler area).

Current Spray Park

IMG 9030

Proposed Spray Park

Myrtle Splash Park North Vancouver BC v1

According to the proposed plans, which were set to begin this June (but obviously have not begun), the new splash pad and “rain garden” (no idea what this is) will feature more typical spray park features. I’m kind of sad the unique mist coil is leaving, but it will be nice to have a different flooring material. The new toddler play area will be moved closer to the existing playground, so it should be easier overall for parents to observe children of multiple ages. 

IMG 9029

One of the unique features of Myrtle Park is the extensive natural areas that border the playground. There were more children running around in the trees than there were playing on the playground, and that should tell you something. My memories of Myrtle Park growing up were similar, I mostly recall playing in some large stumps and eating from the huckleberry bushes (which were still there, yum!). 

If you’re planning a visit to Myrtle Park, I would suggest going soon, since I don’t know when the park may be shut down to undergo renovations. 

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John Lawson Park: A Review

John Lawson Park is one of the best parks on this side of Vancouver. Completely revamped in Fall 2013, the park now features an extensive splash pad with spray elements and rivers and faucets, a climbing structure for older kids, a sand area and the whimsical integration of structures that are both pirate and train themed. There is even a musical glockenspiel that my youngest son is obsessed with – truly a park with many elements.

Parenting note: this park is large and very busy, so be prepared to pay more attention to your kids here.

IMG 8918

Aiden, who isn’t a huge fan of water parks, does enjoy many of the water elements of this park. He’ll run through the rivers and play on the edges of the park. His favourite area, however, is the water pump that is integrated into the sand area, where they have channels that can divert the water. A great place to make mud and create rivers and just get nice and dirty.

IMG 8846IMG 7589

The pirate structure is for the smaller kids. While it is whimsical and enjoyable, not all of the play structure is easy to navigate for the younger toddlers (such as the rope crossings). My kids also wish the ship’s wheel actually turned properly.

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